AutoData® Scannable Office

Key features include: Working together with Microsoft Office, AutoData Scannable Office helps you design, scan and manage your forms
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Simple form design
  • Database creation wizard
  • Interactive AND Batch scanning modes
Scannable Office consists of 4 modules:

Form Publisher

Form Publisher allows you to design your forms within the familiar environment of Microsft Word. A special AutoData tool bar allows you to easily insert check marks, hand print boxes, OCR fields and Barcodes.

Once you have completed your design a single mouse click automatically configures the form for the AutoData environment.

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Template Maker

Template Maker allows you to integrate forms that have not been designed in the Forms Publisher module into the AutoData environment.

This allows you to design forms in any Windows or Mac package such as Aldus PageMaker, QuarkXPress and CorelDraw by using the specially provided AutData fonts.

Simply scan in your form and then identify and define fields using a simple drag and drop interface.

Data Mapper

Data Mapper automatically maps the scannable objects on any new or existing form to an Excel spreadsheet, Access database or ODBC data source.

Forms can be registered to write to an existing database, or a new database can be created by using a simple wizard interface.

Form Reader

Form Reader is the module that actually captures the data from the form.

Once the forms have been designed, distributed, completed and returned, they are scanned into the reader module.

The reader extracts the information from the forms and displays any uncertain data for your verification. Once the data has been captured it is then placed into an Access database, Excel spreadsheet or ODBC data source.

ISIS and TWAIN Scanner Driver Support.

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