In Kendata's 34m square prep area we open well over 10,000 envelopes and remove 14,400 staples per shift.

We have 3 main production scanners each capable of scanning 18,000 A4 images per shift.

The total standard scanning capacity of the bureau is 27,000 duplex A4 forms (54,000 A4 images) per 8 hour shift.

This means that when operating at our standard maximum capacity we put 5 Miles (8 Km) of paper through our scanners per shift.

In order to keep to our AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) of 0.04% we double key 1 out of every 70 forms processed, which at capacity means keying 385 duplex A4 forms.

We can key 144,000 characters per shift at our dedicated keying stations.

In our primary storage area we hold up to 144,000 A4 forms while a project is active. When the projects are complete we securely dispose of 1 ton of paper per week.

Kendata can store and securley dispose of the paper from the surveys