Quality Assurance

Kendata have audited procedures in place to ensure the security and quality of scanned documents and dataThe Document Bureau System operated by Kendata Peripherals has been set up to comply with BIP 0008:2004 (The British Standard Institute guidelines for legal admissibility and evidential weight of information stored electronically).

Kendata appreciates the requirements for Security and Quality and have detailed audited Bureau Quality Control Procedures in place to enable them to offer, individual document tracking, controlled and secure document storage and certified disposal. Our dedicated team of operatives are fully aware of security issues.

Scanned forms from each batch are randomly selected by the software for quality assurance validation, thereby ensuring that QA checks are carried out in accordance with the sampling guidelines of ISO2859/BS6001.

Kendata is certified and audited by BSI to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and has been continuously registered to the equivalent standards since 1993.

Many different types of form data can be extracted.

How do we make sure your data is present and correct?

Data is randomly sampled and checked to achieve an AQL of 0.04%
  • Questionnaire Design - The layout and design of the questionnaire can greatly improve the quality of data from the recipient.
  • Counting and logging of Documents - Our logging and tracking system ensures that you are aware of exactly where your documents are as soon as they arrive at Kendata.
  • Scanned and Numbered within 24 Hours - Within 24 hours of arrival at Kendata your documents are scanned, given a unique identifier and archived both in our storage facility and electronically. They have 100% traceability until they are either securely destroyed or returned to you.
  • Randomly Sampling - After scanning a random sample is taken from each batch and manually keyed. The keyed data is then compared against the machine read data to check for errors in accordance with the sampling guidelines of ISO2859/BS6001.
    The data has an AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) of 0.04%.
  • Trained Data Entry Personnel - Our data entry personnel are trained to a high level and the data output constantly monitored to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.
  • Final export QA - The exported data undergoes a final integrity check ensuring that the structure and content meet your agreed specification.