Each package is counted and logged as soon as it arrives at Kendata - this information is available online
Tracking and Storage

How do we keep a track of your forms?

Logged on arrival

Each package is counted and logged on our online tracking system as soon as it arrives. You can then log on to our online portal to view your returns.

To view our sample demonstration login to our online user area using:
Email Addressguest@kendata.com
Password guest

Scanned and Numbered

Each individual sheet is given a unique identifier as it is scanned. This enables us to track individual sheets through the process of validation and data export. Scanned totals are also updated to the online user area so you can see a snapshot of your scanned returns broken down by a demographic question of your choice, such as a given organisational code, location, department or sector.

Batch Archive

Batches are stored in easily retrievable containers. Each sheet image is also stored electronically by its batch and unique identifier. Typically, batches are physically stored in our secure warehouse for 3 months and then securely destroyed or returned to you. The electronic images are stored for 12 months before being deleted. Of course these timescales are entirely dependant on your wishes.