Dolphin Hand Held Scanners

The ruggedised Dolphin handheld terminal is thee most thoroughly researched, intelligently designed and well-constructed data collection terminal of its kind. It is ergonomically shaped to bring comfort of use for either the left or right hand.

Well suited for every day use in storerooms, factories or on the move, the Dolphin's thick high-impact ABS/PC plastic case that resists deterioration from ultraviolet light can take the many bumps and drops that inevitably happen - even to onto hard surfaces such as concrete, from heights of up to 1.5m.

Even with the best of care, mechanical connectors can easily become damaged, so instead, the Dolphin uses a contact free, infrared (IrDA) communication port to communicate with the docking station giving fast, reliable, uploading and downloading of data and programs.

Dolphin hand Held Device

The Dolphin's IP65 rating (environmentally sealed from dust and jets of water) is ideal for use, both indoors and out, under harsh conditions, when exposed to dust, heat, rain, snow, or being used with wet and dirty hands. All thanks to its rubber gasket seams, IrDA wireless communication, and its epoxy-coated keypad, with legends that won't wear-off, even after years.

In addition to the C++ libraries for streamlining programming and integration, there are choices from several "rapid application development" tools. Anyone familiar with spreadsheets can develop simple, table-driven, data collection applications in minutes, using Excel and the Windows based Spreadsheet Simplicity software.

Laser Scanning Options:
  • Standard Range: 7.6 to 91cm
    - up to 182cm with reflective labels.
  • Long Range: 25.4 to 203 cm
    - up to 4.6 m with reflective labels.
  • High Density: Reads small bar codes
    - elements as narrow as 2 mils.
  • High-Visibility: Helps users aim scanner in bright light
    - from 5 to 91 cm.
  Typical applications:
  • Warehousing and Distribution,
  • Inventory Control,
  • Goods In,
  • Receiving / Shipping,
  • Stocktaking,
  • Order Picking.
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