Web Surveys & Ballots

The ability to capture and process e-data effectively is an important facet of any organisation's knowledge management strategy.

Kendata can provide a range of off the shelf and bespoke applications to suit your particular electronic form processing application.


Survey pages designed and branded to match end-client's requirement.

All pages are Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) compliant.

Branching support. For example, restrict options to certain questions based on responses to others.

Full Foreign language support including Asian, Eastern European and those reading right to left (such as Arabic).

Kendata's Web Surveys offer full foreign language support

Send initial invitation and reminder e-mails

Response validation. For example, warn about unanswered questions.

High validity and accuracy of the data.

Turnaround times can be greatly reduced as processing is much faster than traditional scanning and key entry. This helps to keep the costs down and data fresh.

Real time response rate reporting - broken down by answers to given questions (e.g. certain demographic responses).

On-line electronic surveys have a single point of access, on a server. Therefore surveys/forms can be edited and any changes applied instantly.


Employ our hosting services or we can implement on your own platform (Unix or Windows)

HTTPS support - we can offer https servers for secure and encrypted data exchange. Data cannot be decrypted and read by anyone, even if compromised.

High bandwidth - support mass population surveys

24/7 availability


Typical application areas include:


Employee Survey Example

360° Feedback Example

Satisfaction Survey Example

And many more...