Kendata Storage Solutions

As the volume of documents available to any organisation increases so does the importance of intelligent and secure ways to store and retrieve them.

Kendata's Information Archive solutions provide a reliable and scalable means for you to administer your organisations documents effectively and efficiently.

Flexibility is provided by a modular architecture that allows the system to be moulded to your applications specific needs.

Kendata's Information Archive Solutions helps you organise your documents by configuring the system to match your needs
  • Reduced Space
  • Faster Access
  • Intelligent Searching
  • Secure Image Storage and Retrieval
  • Automatic, Triggered Archival
  • Modular Architecture
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Browser based
Application Example - Doctor's Co-operative


At the heart of the solution lies the Kendata IAS (Information Archive Server). IAS allows your organisation to effectively archive all of your critical information in easily manageable centralised stores.

Information is organised in easily searchable user defined formats that allow secure, instant access to your data from any desktop.

Triggered Archiving

Automatic archiving works on a range of configurable triggers, that allow you to determine the point at which your documents are stored near or off-line. IAS intelligent retrieval means that the state of the document is transparent to the end user.

Thin Client Retrieval

The ultra thin browser based retrieval client gives fast, secure, powerful search capabilities across your entire network. The search engine's open architecture allows the archive to be searchable across your entire Intra, Extra, or Internet site.

Secure & Modular

The IAS retrieval system uses standard Windows authentication.

IAS modular architecture allows you to choose from a variety of 'Bolt on' front ends that allow you to choose the ideal method for your particular application.