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iNSIGHT 150 Scanner

High-volume scanner delivers the best price performance in the industry

When you need to collect vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, turn to the iNSIGHT 150 scanner–a high performance scanner with speeds up to 250 pages per minute. The iNSIGHT 150 interprets optical mark read (OMR), hand- and machine-printed characters, bar code, and mark sense. With the iNSIGHT 150, you get the best performance for the price from a trusted source–we've been manufacturing industry-leading scanning systems for more than 50 years.

Save Processing Time

Capture images and OMR data in a single pass through the scanner. You can gather multiple choice, objective test, or survey responses at the same time you capture images of short answers to constructed response items on tests or comments on survey forms.

Tie Images to Data Records

Images can be tied to an OMR data record, archived, and retrieved later for review or evaluation. Route essays, survey comments, and other images to reviewers for final evaluations.

Design Forms for Efficiency

Because the scanner reads both handprint and machine printed characters, you can design data collection forms to be more aesthetically pleasing and make better use of space. End users will also thank you for not requiring them to fill in large bubble grids for name, address, ID numbers, and the like.

Pre-print Encoded Data

Lessen the amount of data you require from form users by pre-printing encoded data. You can also verify and cross-reference data to external databases by reading pre-printed bar codes, mark sense, and binary coded numbers.

iNSIGHT 150 Specification and Datasheet

iNSIGHT 150 Scanner

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