Kendata forms processing service helps Post Office Ltd with customer satisfaction surveys

A forms design, printing and processing service provided by Southampton-based Kendata Peripherals is enabling Post Office Ltd to carry out rapid and effective surveys among customers of its cash handling and distribution (CHD) division.

Kendata Processing Service

To gather the information it needs, Post Office Ltd regularly sends short questionnaires to its branches and external customers around the country, requesting feedback on a range of CHD issues, including delivery times, consignment accuracy and staff attitudes.

Designed to be quick and easy to fill in, the questionnaires use a combination of check-mark boxes and free text boxes, and when complete they are returned to the Kendata bureau for scanning and processing. Depending on the requirements of each particular survey, Kendata provides the Post Office with either an Excel spreadsheet of the scores or a more detailed report.

According to Andy Greening, CHD Performance Manager, Post Office Ltd, the task of processing an annual total of well over 40,000 questionnaires "would have been laborious, time consuming and costly if it had been carried out manually. But Kendata has the technological capability to handle that size of job, and we simply receive a tidy, electronic download from which we can perform our analysis and disseminate the information across our business.

Building on the success of the customer surveys, the Post Office has now extended its use of Kendata's services to include team-brief assessment forms, which are completed by CHD employees.

Each month, frontline staff working in cash transportation depots and cash processing centres have a team briefing led by a CHD manager. After the briefing, the employees fill out a questionnaire card, giving feedback on certain aspects of the team brief, such as the relevance of the information, how interesting they found the information, and the skills of the team briefer. Kendata scans the cards as they come in and then sends the Post Office a monthly report providing both national totals and information on the performance of individual team briefers.

Bob Hammond, CHD Internal Communications Manager, Post Office Ltd, said: "Kendata's expertise was invaluable in the design of the questionnaire, and from the processing point of view, they have done everything we have asked of them. Although we have only been doing the team brief assessment for six months, initial indications are that it is providing us with some very useful information.

23rd January 2002 Ref. KE160A