Kendata scanning bureau service achieves BIP0008:2004 compliance

Kendata Peripherals has achieved BIP0008:2004 compliance for the scanning bureau service provided by the company from its premises in Southampton.

BIP0008:2004 embodies the BSI’s guidelines for legal admissibility and evidential weight of information stored electronically, and it signifies that Kendata has established detailed quality control procedures, individual document tracking, secure document storage facilities, and a secure and certified document disposal system.

Users of the service can therefore be confident that the images created and stored by the Kendata bureau system are copies of the original documents that were sent to the company for scanning.

Kendata scanning bureau service achieves BIP0008:2004 compliance

Using automated systems and its own in-house developed forms-processing software, Kendata is able to process thousands of forms in a short period of time. As each sheet is scanned, a unique identification number is printed on it to provide a complete audit trail.

In addition, a number of forms from each batch are randomly selected by the software for quality-assurance validation, thereby ensuring that QA checks are carried out in accordance with the sampling guidelines of ISO2859/BS6001.

An increasingly popular feature of Kendata's scanning bureau service is the online tracking facility, which uses a password-protected area of the company's website to allow clients to quickly and easily monitor the details of questionnaires received and scanned each day.

This facility has recently been enhanced with new features enabling users to view images of individual documents online and to download tracking reports in Excel or CSV format.

For further information and a demonstration of the online tracking facility, visit

8th February 2007 Ref. KE237A