New real-time assessment system provides instant feedback of comprehension levels

Scantron Corporation has announced the introduction of Classroom Wizard, a new assessment solution that uses a choice of hand-held or OMR (optical mark reader) technology to provide teachers with an immediate report of students' answers to test questions.

Hand Held Device and Optical Mark Reader
Available in the UK through Southampton-based Kendata Peripherals, Classroom Wizard not only saves time but also provides educators and students with the benefits of concurrent learning and evaluation in the classroom. With this breakthrough solution, teachers will be able to electronically monitor students' comprehension levels while class is in session, allowing them to instantly address any learning difficulties.

Designed to operate with a standard Windows-based PC or Macintosh computer and a compatible printer, Classroom Wizard consists of a web-based Quiz Wizard application, an internet assessment gateway, and hand-held devices or a portable OMR scanner.

Using the hand-held devices, students can access tests and beam their responses via infra-red links to the Quiz Wizard scoring application for immediate feedback. Answers and scores appear instantly on the teacher's desktop computer, as well as each student's hand-held computer, and can be printed out if required. Classroom Wizard's interactive process can help to engage those students who are generally less participatory in class.

If hand-held devices are not used, the Classroom Scanner operates as an OMR for scanning students' answer forms, again providing test results during the lesson.

In addition to scoring traditional 'objective' test questions, the Classroom Wizard system enables educators to score short answers and fill-in-the-blank answers, and it can also be used for transferring students' essays to the teacher's computer.

Easily integrated with current teaching practices, Classroom Wizard is very simple to install and use, with only minimal training required.

Scantron's web-based assessment gateway provides teachers with information on a variety of topics relating to assessment and teaching strategies.

19th October 2001 Ref. KE166GA