New archiving software saves office space for doctors' co-operatives

Southampton-based data-entry specialist Kendata Peripherals has introduced a new modular archiving software package that eliminates the need for doctors' co-operatives to store thousands of paper-based records.

Doctors co-operatives can typically generate 70,000 call-out sheets per year, all of which have to be kept safely in case they need to be referred to at a later date.
The new DCAM (Doctors' Co-operatives Archiving Module) software not only provides a simple and cost-effective means of filing and searching the call-out sheets, but also frees up valuable office storage space.

Based on the company's commercial Information Archive Server product, DCAM retains the existing storage and retrieval modules and offers specially developed input screens to suit the needs of doctors' co-operatives. The result is an intuitive archiving system providing features normally only found on significantly higher priced products.

As batches of call-out sheets are scanned, the DCAM indexer automatically allocates a reference number to each image and stores it with the time and date of scanning. This simplifies retrieval and allows for later audit, ensuring that the highest integrity is maintained.

Standard browser based retrieval reduces installation time and keeps training to a minimum, with documents being easily viewable on PCs, Macs and other platforms.

The DCAM software can also manage jukeboxes and will indicate when an archive CD needs to be written. Using its built-in writing-software and a CD writer, the system automatically creates two CDs one master and one copy for storing off-site.

Modules for other healthcare applications are under development.

January 2001 Ref: KE/170/A