New software package makes satisfaction surveys quick and easy

Southampton-based Kendata Peripherals has introduced a new software package that has been designed to simplify the whole process of carrying out satisfaction surveys in education, healthcare, commerce and industry.

Known as AutoData Survey, the new Windows-based package creates surey forms, reads data from the forms into a computer, and then automatically generates a variety of clearly presented reports on which to base actions for performance improvement.

To make survey design as easy as possible, AutoData Survey provides useful features such as a choice of standard response scales and automatic generation of response circles. The software recognises almost any type of response mark in the circles including ticks, crosses and lines and captures handwritten comments as TIFF images.

Once the forms have been filled in, they are simply scanned into a computer using the bundled-in Canon DR-3020 scanner. Then, with a click of the mouse button, the software automatically generates a trend report, a histogram report or a comments report. Any of the reports can focused on a selected group of respondents, depending on their answers to particular questions. In addition, data can be saved as a comma-delimited ASCII text file for exporting to a spreadsheet or database.

A demo of AutoDATA Survey can be downloaded from Kendata's website at

24th April 1998 Ref. KE88/2.3