New card-fed OMR offers low-cost data entry

New from Southampton-based data-entry specialist Kendata Peripherals is a low-cost optical mark reader (OMR) that detects marks on input cards and automatically transfers the data to a computer via a standard RS232 serial communications port.

The OMR-1102 is designed to accept 82mm-wide cards ranging in length from 127mm to 356mm, each with up to 126 rows of 12 marking positions.

Input cards are inserted into the reader by the operator and are then automatically transported and scanned. Reading up to 2000 cards per hour, the OMR is significantly faster than keyboard data entry and is priced at a much lower level than OMRs designed to read A4-sized forms.

The OMR-1102 has overall dimensions of 146 x 114 x 241mm and weighs just 1.4kg. It is supplied complete with an external power supply, serial data cable, operator guide and test cards, as well as setup, demo and diagnostic software.

16th December 1999 - Ref. KE138/2