ScanAnPro provides a cost effective, simple solution for Paper based form data capture.

Kendata's ScanAnPro is an easy to use forms processing application Key features include:
  • Ability to Use existing forms / stationery
  • Scalable installation
  • Modular integration

ScanAnPro modules:

The overall operation of ScanAnPro is broken down into four distinct user areas: defining, scanning, processing and validating. Since each task can be performed independently, it may be appropriate to allocate certain tasks to specific users, thereby minimizing training and maximizing on expertise.


Define groups, element box values, barcode positions, db lookups etc.

Within a project, the defining module allows a master document to be scanned and relevant identifier marks and data fields, such as check boxes, to be highlighted and specified. Once a definition is complete, ScanAnPro can be used to create a database so that scanning of completed forms can begin.

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Configure scanner setting, scan batches, print batch labels etc

Setting a project to load all definitions will keep the scanning process simple by ensuring that all definitions are available at any one time. This means that as forms are scanned they will be matched to the
appropriate definition, and then processed. If no validation or key entry is required then this is the end of the process.

ISIS and TWAIN Scanner Driver Support.


Process check boxes, barcodes, image elements, text recognition etc.

More or less invisible to the user is the processor module, which has the job of recognising text, barcodes, check boxes etc. This will normally be invoked after each booklet has been scanned unless processing is to be performed as a separate task, perhaps on a different PC, or at the time of validation.


Confirm cancelled check boxes, light marking, key enter data etc.

Occasionally, perhaps due to erroneous or very light or very dark marking, some fields will require validating as ScanAnPro is unable to determine if the mark was intended. This process requires a user to make a decision on whether a box has a mark in or not – was it a crossing out for example?

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